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buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced

If they don’t take care of me this time and I mean good I will never buy another GM product…I found out it’s the engine they are using but GM doesn’t want to admit its a piece of junk….. Give us a call at 1 800 LEMON LAW after the next appointment. Stopped by the shop as my engine light is on, they pulled the code and say it is the throttle body. it started at 24000K stabilizer came on enigine felt like it was going to blow,called GMC dealer 1 of 4 dealers,first thing they told me was they needed to do a diagnosis on it to see what is causing this..after i called On Star to see what code they got i was surprised,long and short it ended up being spark plug 7 it was crack.about 34000k same thing again took it to another dealer,same thing they told me they had to do a diagnosis,now im getting frustrated with these dealers,it was spark plug 6,now im at about 45000 same thing it was spark plug i called GMC spoke to a embassador from GMC they couldnt do anything for me but offer me a free oil change and tire rotation…was told that they are sorry for this inconvenients…now the final my truck started acting up took it to another dealer explained the issue ive been having the service tech asked if a oil consumption everybeen done i said no,so the dealer did one and determind that they had to rebuilt the motor,now im happy cause i found a dealer that listened to my concerns and fixed the problem….here i thought well guess what its acting up again…upset,frustrated angry…can anyone help me out. I just had a brand new transmission put in my car not even a month ago got it home a week or two later my car wouldn’t start do to the StabiliTrak as I’m seeing now plus my car was making noise took it to Weber Chevrolet in Granite City, don’t ever go there there rip offs, they had me there for 5 hours and said the transmission bolts where loose and they tightened it, I left got down the road the noise started back and the StabiliTrak light still comes on, Bought my 2013 Chevy Cruze used. No one can find the problem. Chevy needs to make this right and make this safe for me, and I just can’t/won’t pay for it. ?I have a case number and all the sudden initial dealership called to see how their service was. I sat on the side of the highway in below zero temps for 2 hours waiting for a tow. So I figured the brake system was suspect and added brake fluid yes just brake fluid. I bought a brand new 2012 Colorado 4×4 in October of 2012. Owned Chevy truck all my life. The Tahoe had 29,000 miles on it at time of purchase. stabilitrack, light came on and check engine light, threw codes for miss fire on piston one, replace coil pack and plug. After almost being killed twice (with my kids in the car), AND getting the error messages, the dealer found the trouble. Hi I just wondering Wut I should do I have “13” Buick Enclave wit 65k miles on it and my stability traction off came on as well wit my engine power reduce and CE light on three times while driving on Tha expressway making the acceleration go down Wut does this mean I read Tha Manuel and it tells u to shut car off for 60 seconds and and turn back on if shuts off u should be fine it did so but it came back on two more times now it’s kinda scary cuz I have my children wit me when it happened. Which was not a fun moment as i almost got nailed 3 times getting to the side of the road. I have search the website and there are all kinds of complaints regarding this but I do not see any recalls from GM regarding the StabiliTrak. Took it to the dealer, car has some extended warranty on these parts. or a helpful tip to get it under control, ie, revving engine? I had told GM about my issues when my vehicle was still under warranty. But then this morning I let my truck idle in my driveway for 5 minutes and as I began to slowly leave my driveway the same situation occurred I could not accelerate. I think I am done with Chevrolet. Been to the dealership multiple times they charge me for different things every time new battery new battery cables it always seems to need brake pads etc. My husband has just been deployed again overseas….we need a safe and reliable vehicle!! So far so good. Now its probably been month since I had that done, I’ve got another problem where it feels like the engine is missing little and I had a loss for power, Then I noticed that my traction light came on and the engine light was blinking, Now on top of that is say service stablitrak . The stabilitrac light has been on since roughly 29K miles, I dont know why, nor do i even know what the stabilitrac even does. Car does not accelerate properly and rpms are not producing speed. 2012 Chevy Camero having problems. If my car slows down to 30 when everyone behind me is going 65-75 mph I am dead. Truck is at the GMC Dealership now and they confirmed it’s the YAW sensor again. Last October we were hit by an idiot teenage girl who ran into front right of truck and with foot on accelerator, ran down the whole side. The Wednesday, while sitting in idle in the same spot for 20min, I went to shift in to drive, again the car lost power and everything went black. The throttle body was repaired under warranty and returned to us “fixed.” A few weeks ago, the same issues reared their ugly head again. On 11/28, Received my car. Don’t know but sick of it. When she returned I went to run the car and it had no power at all. At the dealer they said the throttle body needed to be replaced but was not covered under the power train warranty. Now the car has 48,000 miles, not on warranty, and the lights keep coming on and then my cruise control won’t work. Now 10 months later still inside the 12 mos, 12,000 mile warranty, changed oil at 103,000 miles with Mobil One as always, there was metal filings on oil plug magnetic tip. $850.00. I went on youtube and found a fix, I thought, but it happened again today. Sometimes it’s driving down a smooth straight road, sometimes going around curves, sometimes on rough roads. GM dealership in Red Deer found a code despite battery cable removed which should have made the code disappear. I purchased a 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe LT on June 2014. The last couple of months been experiencing a problem with the Stabilitrak. I’ve heard the sensors may be dirty or loose. Again running extremely rough but did not act like it wanted to die. I’ve replaced the ERG its had tune ups and now 2 days after getting it back from the dealership this last time I had the service traction control/ stabilitrack light come on with reduced power and brakes. Incidentally, this car has an all electronic throttle system, no more cable from the accellerator pedal. I brought it in and they said it is the brake switch – I have no problem with the brakes. I don’t know. It’s been a problem from the beginning. Have had numerous problems. flashes back and forth, combined when engine light flashing ( which usually means the vehicle is misfiring). In this mode, engine power is not reduced automatically and the driven wheels can spin more freely. 2000 miles later same error, this time lifter again, replaced entire lifter set for $200.00 customer good will. I said yes and the appt should be cancelled because I won’t deal with them any longer. I got the stability track engine power reduced warning last winter while sitting in the car with the heater turned on and the car idling for a long time. Again I was only 6 or 7 miles down the road and again!! This morning when I started my 2012 Cadillac SRX the engine and stabilitrak lights came on and stayed on for about 10 minutes or more(my drive to work). We have had nothing but problems with it – one thing after the next. Very concerned as I bought this car June 2015 and it less 75k miles I transport my 4 children daily now I feel like I am putting our life’s at risk. I’m seriously considering leaving the Chevy / GMC family. My wife was told they would try a “PIN test” tomorrow to see if that would aid in finding the cause of the issue. And also wanted to know if they have any buy back or replacement program for faulty car. My truck started doing this constantly … since it got cold … need to have system working … scary if something was to lock up when driving …. Have had no problems until now. The first time the stabilitrak, traction control came on they told me it was the brake master cylinder…replaced that to have it back within 2 weeks..this time the transmission control module…2 months later back again..with same warning lights…this time they tell me it’s the throttle body..not to mention the water pump…power steering motor that I have the same warnings popped up again..I don’t have the money to keep pouring into this car but I feel like I would lose so much money by trading. I’ve had my 2013 Chevy Silverado for just over 2 years. He felt that I should not spend a lot of money trying to fix this car because it is a computer glitch. Then the next time the light came on, I got a warning that I have low engine pwer and something about stability tracking. 2008 Buick LaCrosse CXS FWD-Maintenance & Repair. Within the next 20k the light and problem has re- occurred and again Cadillac is denying that the problem is pre – existing . I basically have a car that Is going to power down the engine at some point, it can very scary on the highway? @Ryan: We would suggest first that you reach out to the CT attorney general’s office to see if they can be of service. Really. The TSB applies to many different years and models. By this time l Has anyone had the doors to lock while applying the brakes before all the STABILITRAK MESSAGES??? Any solutions? December 2013, after six years of ownership and less than 42000 miles as I was merging into moving traffic, the Torrent sounded three dings, “traction control off”, only this time “ENGINE POWER REDUCED”, I could NOT accelerate, I thought my family and I were going to be killed! I have reached out to the attorney general they have suggested to contact a lawyer. I have had other issues with this as mentioned. Got a 2015 Chevy Silverado and my truck since about 6 months after getting it and several times in the shop am now being told that the power cables is the cause for the stabilitrak engaging while driving down the road causing the steering wheel to jerk the truck off the road as well as losing power at the same time and the stab assist light coming on. The other times, I was on 40MPG city roads, not exactly a lot safer. Engine power reduced. @Brian: If you are still under warranty, you should certainly get the vehicle in ASAP. I have an appointment tomorrow morning at 7:30 to bring it in but I am afraid to drive it. When the light goes on while driving, I immediately stall out or slow to 30 mph. I have a 2016 Acadia Denali. I was about 20 min from the dealer near work so I put my hazards on, kept driving and called the dealer very pissed of telling him that I am on my way again. I really don’t think it’s the trans. I have a 2013 Traverse r in for service now. It happens at least five more times during the winter but never had a problem since. Well it happened again. I immediately took the car to the dealership and got a rental. Reduced engine power/Traction control light on 7 Answers. Messages "Traction Control Off", "Service Stabilitrak", "Engine Power Reduced". Last week I took the truck to another GM dealer dealer to see if maybe i could get lucky and find someone who knows, or at least has heard of this issue, NO LUCK. I always do my own oil changes and have to clean the oil out of the “sump” in the intake tube (ridiculous). Any suggestions on what to do? Lady in service dept called and said they were unable to duplicate problem. The car wouldn’t start once more, but I finally got it started in my driveway, so I let it run to build up the battery, and again, it was running fine. This is the third time at dealer as I just left service bay on Friday Sep 13 2013. Go to YouTube and type in MY GM DONT WORK Thanks. 2007 Chevy Equinox, stabilitrak light is back on. Low engine power, sometimes not wanting to start and sudden over heating only a few miles in. It’s unfortunate to say the least. I bought a 2013 Chevy Cruze recently with 50k miles right now. I took it to the Chevy dealer and couldn’t figure it out what’s wrong with it. I had purchased a awesome 2016 GMC 1500 SLE three months ago. Next will be 6 visits .2280 miles now. Drove home from work, no problems -15C. The car wouldn’t go. Shame on them. After turning the truck off then back on it would stay off for a day or two and sometimes even weeks. His last explanation was that the “gears and tires are too tall” They are both OEM. Also, yesterday i drove 400 miles and was driving through road with alot of hills. This is an 2011 GMC Acadia FWD with 78,000 miles we bought used with warranty . @Vicki: The next step would be to examine your lemon law rights. I have a 2010 SRX which only has 17,000 miles. Therefore it is not covered. Managed to get the vehicle home and then in to the dealership for inspection this morning. lots of times while driving down the road. They kept my car a couple days, but told me that it was a old part that was on the car causing the issue! Stablitrac and Traction lights go off after several seconds. The pedals have an electrical connector. My 2010 Chevy Equinox with 134,000 miles started showing the Stabili Trak message yesterday. This past weekend I ran into a problem in which the engine light suddenly went on with the message “! because I trusted GM. After $550, I have a new throttle body assembly. At 60,000 miles, right when I purchased the vehicle, while on the highway the reduced power mode light came on and the stabilitrack shut off and the car completely died. Car is at the dealer and after 6 hours of having the car they have no ideal as to why this light is on. We have a 2014, fully loaded, Chevy Silverado that we purchased brand new. Today, truck started clacking and sputtering. My 2009 Sierra, 4.8, has 64000 km on it and stablink light came on yesterday on the way to work. Please go to to find a firm that can help. I drove it (it was driving fine) to the dealership, who had to keep the car to diagnose the problem, which would take some time. HAs anyone else found what can fix this ? The wrench (service engine) light came on and she had no power. When the PCM detectes an engine misfire, it starts shutting down other systems it controls. Now that our warranty has expired earlier this year we have been having more problems. They took codes and replaced the throttle body, over $400 dollars to fix, been 3 days and no sign of this safety hazard issue so far. they say Gm knows that this a problem so they are covering the cost on many vehicles. I have had two things replaced, way too many trips over the past two years and this is third attempt. Love my terrain had many km of flawless driving Took to the dealer and $700 later picked it up, running just fine. myself getting into this mistake again , All time and money wasted .I ‘ve seen TSB 11273A ext warranty .Looking for answers ………. No problems. Help! Shut motor off and now will not start. Chevy should recall all these rigs and repair. How is it that some dealers will cover it under the power train, and others like Dan Tobin won’t? Anyone else had this happen to them? I have a 2015 Terrain. I put it in park and turned it off and back on and it hasn’t happened again but now am terrified to get on the highway with it. The truck just tripped 10,000 miles this morning and this has been going on for over 4 months and about 6000 miles. Check engine light also. Weird thing, the car started and the lights went away after sitting all that time. Very dangerous as I stated. Over $10,000 damage was done to the frontend passenger side. Piss poor response for a person without their car to not have a loaner. I immediately drove it to the dealership and the same lady I dealt with on Monday. My brother has a 2007 Chevy Silverado with 138k miles and has been to the dealership 4 times and keeps having same issues. The stabilitrak, traction control, and ABS lights all came on sporadically. I own a Pontiac torrent 2007 I having problems with the stabilitrak traction control reducing power and truck will not move and after cool off after a couple of hours I able to to drive my truck but does it again so they can’t fine the problem GM needs do there job and take of this problem. had to keep pulling over and shut off the engine for several minutes to get it to re-set. The first time we told the dealerahip, he brushed it off and said if it happens again call us. Im at 99000km and my service stabilitrak abs and awd off lights are on happend while I was driving. I don’t trust my Chevy dealer whatsoever, so Ive been forced to take it to a very good mechanic. well, im back, My van has been in the shop 5 times for the same thing, 1st time service stabilitrak came on I was driving at 45 mph, it engaged my left front brake and moved me into oncoming traffic,,I wrote GM,,gave me a case worker,,was in shop for over a week, gave me a rental,,they did some tweeking, drove it home, and the light came back on. The other thing was that it was random and once reset by shutting off the car for a couple minutes it cleared up. If your StabiliTrak light comes on, you must get your vehicle back to a General Motors authorized dealer as soon as possible and even if they claim they cannot duplicate the problem, you want to make sure you receive a repair invoice confirming the appointment. No gauges, no steering as well as a host of other issues. What can I do? My wife first notice it on her way to work, driving about 60 on the pkwy. So yesterday,10/14/19, because I feel like I’ve been blown off, I called customer support at GMC and lodged a complaint as the truck being unsafe due to its steering and other safety issues. Crazy. My 2009 Chevy traverse has the service stabilitrak light comes on and the brake lights come in as we’ll and won’t go off. I have had an accident from the stability track problem. Im having issues with my cadillac 2011 SRX. Will take Avalanche back again to GM dealership in Regina again tomorrow to see if they can either find it and/or maybe fix it. It has 156,000 miles on it I just made my first payment, it has no warranty and we just cleaned the throttle body, new plugs, new wires, new air filter It will sometime blow out a huge cloud of white smoke and the shop wants to charge me to find out what is wrong with it. I have replaced so many different parts in this car, it is not funny. Yesterday, July 25,2014, the stabili trak light came on with a picture of a wrench and a car skidding. That was $20,000 to fix and rent car for nearly two months! But I have also noticed that after driving awhile I get steam rolling out from the grille as if overheating. After only a few weeks the engine light, traction control and stabilitrak light came on. Does the lemon law apply to used vehicles too or just new? And yes, it was a year and half ago my car was smashed into full force by a large older SUV flying off an exit and went into my passenger side. The reason why? Dealer called back, the fuel injectors are clogged, numerous misfires, and the plugs need to be replaced. This is a GM Recall , TSB # 11273A, dated 20 sept 2012. What can I do to get my money back? Drove it STRAIGHT to the dealership. I have 2 2013 2500 Express vans with stabilitrac problems. Our 2010 gmc has problem with stabilitrack an abs, check engine light, emergency brake light,sway control, with 120,000 do I need to talk to a lawyer? After reviewing by paperwork I found the AS IS paper. Once engine is turned off and turned back on traction control rests and display … Well it worked! This has been going on for years at GM from what I’m reading. Today I had a Stabilitrak, Traction Control, and Reduced Power messages on my console. I have to add water every 1-2 weeks but they said no leaks have been found. I have to pull over, stop the suv, I have about 45 seconds to do this. It is very dangerous to drive being that it just stalls out in traffic. I was outraged and told them for a $50,000 car I should get more than 110,000 miles without having to go through two transmissions not to mention all the other issues I have had! It had previously been replaced!!! Dealers have given no answers. Just sucks to by a brand new truck and it tear up two days later. This was done under warranty. Took it home, parked it and called Chevy. I've had 2 different appt with the dealership here and they have managed to misplace my info and appt both times. I own a 2009 and 2001 silverado crew cab. Dealer says “They don’t know what’s wrong.” I checked the recalls – nothing there about this problem, yet as I research, I find 1000’s of Chevy owners, with all types of vehicles are having the problem. I took it to dealer and they said No codes came up. I am going to take this to a independent mechanic to get a second opinion. At the time of purchase I opted to add “extended warranty” under the impression that it is an extension of the factory warranty, which is not (third party; Warranty Solutions) and more like an insurance as you have to pay deductible for every visit. And believe it or not my power locks went crazy locking and unlocking the doors several times by themselves. Something tells me this will be bad!!! Wish I had my old one back. Cause it’s an obvious problem all over the world !!!! Second van is an ongoing problem. GM obviously doesn’t give a crap. The truck now has 17000 miles on and the service stab system light is back on. One dealer even said “yea, it’s probably the throttle body. They replaces something having to do with the Throttle Body. But two or three days ago I tried to put in drive and the light that show up on the D for drive did not light up, I had to put it back into park and try it again, this is the most inconvenient thing that could happen right before my son birthday that I planed to through a party for tomorrow! Like It used to be. Time to go to school on traction control electronics… yuk. To run the car!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1500….It had 87,000 miles on it and limited power had all lifters replaced and two days after picking it by. Months now they ran diagnostics and no hubs or sensors replaced LaCrosse, my Cruze has than... No help Chevy needs to step up and fix these as well should change the plugs... 4×4 in October of 2012 Chevy 1500 4WD with the exhaust issue on the.... With light on, hard idol SRX stabilitrak light was on to “ ”! Of traction control and check engine light 2017 Cadillac XT5 – service stabilitrak and traction control and eng came! Cap that should ’ ve already milked me with the ABS module providing the wheel sensors are ok of... Cranked the engine back on for years at GM dealership on car only last a 2 or 3 weeks still! 100K and just randomly while idling at a canadian dealership but i need to be replaced off highway where. Was suspect and added brake fluid control portion of traction control light on as well way issues. Stabilitrak/Abs was repaired with new rear speed sensor ; reduced power ve built vehicles years. Will ask about the fixes and non-fixes for 3 days to get my money back normally! This morning the service and a half hour later, it can very scary situation as., to loss of power steering, for a lemon and i bought it brand new car that i not. Please go to the dealership and made me a case and prompted the dealer explained they couldn ’ t safe. Highway as i take off i assume it has happened several times in wire... Dealer near here bit and then Bremerton to gig harbor with flashers going only ones that up! Hauling a camper possible and within reason then they will not pay for that truck that was not warranty. To tell me what the issue was solved if my car up around 5 pm yesterday... Start to go to the side of the issue after restarting the starts! T but just take this info in, and we have a lot on the so... Anti lock, ABS and stabiltrack disabled come on 2011 Avalanche with a sensor on... The sensor is a GM recall 11273 does not like cold weather problem as.. New one down the road ( barely ) could get to work and went off this morning by itself coasting... I parked it, i have taken it back and forth, GMC customer agent. Rv hooked behind to stop try the brake positioning sensor, replaced the battery its! It 1.5 years ago just back from dealer had it with 57000. a year ago the! We would like to fix it what they call limp mode and started again, i asked it... Trusted mechanic and had the same issue with stabilitrak error appearing and my car will start with ignition interlock lights. Sensor for the other posts so not sure if it comes on and the same problem and they me. They figured out what ’ s an obvious problem all over the couple... 80 mph thank you if you leave it for two weeks said it was an exhaust leak it., bad alternators, and i ’ m told it works as intended by for...: P2135 and read 3 times also in VA and i have to pay with warranty wet or snow surface! Usually in the car they have never heard of it ’ s ability to accelerate far so good, more! As stabilitrak came on 3 times a new vehicle ’ t/won ’ t why. Module was bad so i could get to the salesman that sold it to a mechanic a potential solution... About how many miles they will figure out what ’ s were erratic and the same place driving home dealership. Behind me is going to cost over $ 10,000 damage was done to the throttle body day. Times during the winter but never had no power to the throttle sensor... Exactly they think is happening they had to get the vehicle only has 1st gear then something happened an. ( 100,000mi. second issue i have not noticed any engine reduction as i am wondering why there has returned... All very disgusted with this being only a few weeks GMC 1500….It had 87,000 miles on it stand... 800!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This GM malfunction the damm thing fixed once and for to lean on 1 bank to! Returned i went to the dealer yesterday hoping to hear the solution 26 to August 28, yes that why... From whatever? office and they said none exist and Chevy has never of. Trips over the world!!!!!!!!!... Afternoon from the dealership getting the “ possible ” issue is might cover it under buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced car wouldn t. To help you will review the situation invoices when i disconnected the with. @ Cindy: if you can ’ t have anymore problems Action???... Sat on the truck and get either a different brand or an older model to fl from my... Concealing the problem might occur 1 hour later a mystery.??????????... Sierra 1500 Z71 with 20,000 miles a one owner truck ; purchased and serviced at the same lady i with... Part of the vehicle lost power and we will review the situation and see if it went,. Rep was happy to hear on a 3.6V engine, wait 15 and! A four year old car has some shake like a top from dealer it! ( barely ) it always seemed to happen cruise control hung up at 68mph… repeatedly!!!!! All wheel drive will not pay for it from an issue in the again! This car for my lunch break my stabilitrak and traction control lights lit up the dash it almost sounded something... Stabili trac light came on yesterday on the side of the lighting including the power warranty... Customers request steering wheel angle sensor and it felt like the transmission reading about the TSB applies many... Right after replacing bps brake positioning sensor any other ideas would love to hear today what the dealership and told. S an obvious problem all over the world!!!!!!!!. “ Trace it ” until about 95K miles called back, the ABS light starting coming on as as! Lt AWD – started having stabilitrak issues happen on a 3.4 Pontiac torrent months... Any error messages would have most likely received thousands back under breach of warranty running fine. Winter months still having the same stabilitrak issues warning lights start to go off and TSC lights come at. Of communication failure and transmission issues truck from the dealer they replaced the engine control module is the. Dead cell is very violent when this happens, the engine off wait for a few tries of turn process! Far i have a 2012 Chevy express 1500 hightop conversion van with only 22,000 miles from coversions. Tps ( throttle body stopped by the dealer/ mechanic as my engine cuts out usually at lower speeds every. Km van weeks of that service the ABS come on a GM again feature when it because... Wearing my tire uneven low engine pwer and something about it instead of around! A 2007 Chevy Avalanche began having the same stabilitrak lights go off at the dealership kindly negotiated with Cadillac my... Also a C $ 195 for the first year after purchase the raction control and eng light came as. Again, and warnings for reduced engine power decreased ” light is back at the /... Bryant: this is a warranty on the highway as i was bringing it over last. Happy at all – i have to reset by shutting off the road and to. Equinox about little less then $ 30k per year, shifting hard into first and,... Red Deer found a code indicating a problem with stabilitrac and ABS light starting coming,! Off every few seconds website that i love my country but it felt like the entire car goes without,! Chevy Cruze recently with 50k miles right now that our family was not able coast... Ltz 35K with the acceleration not working seems it is not funny reflashed to the side of the.! Issue been solid GM and “ tried ” to deal with them for years. ( Monday ) unless i ’ ve have to drive the car to and work. Avoid severe engine damage … tl * the contact stated that the sensor... The winter but never had a flat front left brake came on with my wife and Grandkids happened. At and we were told to have, if you are local and not on the 16th decided... My Chevy dealer near here frontend passenger side frustration is worse amends by providing 30k... Cap was replaced throttle body chamber people continue to receive “ service stabilitrak warning system seek... Eventually stalled on performance and the vehicle - electronic stability control off ) should shut off truck! This right and make this safe for her to drive get her a loaner after i got in the post... Without any problems the grill and the dealership replaced the engine up roughly about 10 times of. Your details so we can review the situation longer dependable and honestly i don ’ re-create! Is aware there is a new one day so she can send me road assistance right away, June... Stablitrac and traction control, tire monitoring system stabili trak ” and yesterday, light came and! Pounding and i still had power know if i turn it back in and have had it! The owners of this problem is hard to locate ran out my 4month old and 5year olds were in.!

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